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Salixin Ltd. develops and produces effective plant extracts from special willow species. The extracts can be used as ingredients in cosmetic products intended for semi pharmacy use; cosmeceuticals and more will follow.
Willow as medicine plant.
Willow is known as a medicine plant from the old Chinese and Greek medicine. Also the native Americans used willow for medicine. There is a great difference between the different willow species when used as a medicine plant as the active ingredients vary a lot  from species to species.
During the last 5-6 years we have examined the traditional use of willow as herbal medicine very carefully and some of the best willow species have been found and multiplied.
Our raw material extracts for cosmetics:
Salixin is a world class manufacturer of COSMOS certified organic willow extracts to be used in cosmeceuticals (and food supplements). We grow all our organic willow locally in Northern Jutland and we have our own factory where we produce the raw extracts. All our proces heating used in the production comes from organic energy willow (wood chips) and our electricity comes from our own windmills. We aim to respond to our customers demands and we are flexible.
Our raw materials for cosmetic and food supplements are distributed in
the D-A-CH area by Safic-Alcan.

Se more about our extracts on:
http://ap.ecocert.com/glorganic/cosmos.php (search for Salixin) 
and find datasheets and MSDS on:
www.ULProspector.com (search for Salixin)

Pictures from our factory:

Pictures from our willow fields:
Our own products:
We have developed a series of cosmetic products with our willow extract and these products can be produced as private label for customers on request. These products can also be requested as samples for quick evaluation of our raw material.
  • Mouth Wash 
  • Tooth Paste
  • Shampoo 
  • Skin Gel
  • Silk Lotion

 Some of our customers products:

Salixin Advisory Board:
The development of Salixin extracts and products are supervised by our advisory board:
Professor Lars Porskjær Christensen, Syddansk Univercity (www.SDU.dk)
Institute for Chemestry-, Bio- and Enviroment Technology, Dermato-Venerology and Allergy Center.
Professor Kaj Winther, Københavns Universitet (www.KU.dk)
Institute for Sport and Nutrition
Chemestry Engineer Jørgen Hyldgaard, Hygade Aps (www.hygade.dk
Owner of Hygade Aps and consultant in cosmetic, formulation and safety assesments
Cand. Merc. in Sales & International Growth Strategy,  Lone Jager Lindquist (lone@jagerlindquist.com)
Engineer & MBA Ole Madsen, Strategic Development, Olm@salixin.dk      

Contact information:

Managing Director Søren Fisker: sf@salixin.dk - +45 4057 0643.

Production Manager Henrik Bach: heb@salixin.dk - +45 2015 7000.